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How Good is Your Hearing ?
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Hearing Devices

Hearing devices come in different power levels & draw their power (volume) from the battery. Smaller hearing units use smaller batteries.

Smaller batteries will not last as long as larger batteries. A larger battery will need a slightly larger hearing piece.

It follows then that a person with a very mild loss will likely be able to get away with a smaller hearing unit. Smaller hearing devices will not provide sufficient volume to a person with a moderate to severe loss as it will not improve their ability to hear clearly.


This is important to understand.


It will be important to assess the level of your hearing impairment. The most reliable way would be to have your hearing tested.. For those living in rural areas where there are no audiological services the best you could do is rely on a bit of guess work drawn from the attached table. The vast majority of people have a fairly linear audio plot with no serious frequency anomalies apart from a progressive loss in the higher frequencies above 2000 to 3000Hz. The attached chart will not reveal any such frequency anomalies so an audiogram will always be first prize. Such frequency anomalies have to be programmed out and that information is drawn from the audiogram.



It is not commonly known & seldom explained that hearing is a brain function. There are hearing skills we humans develope in childhood that we lose when we become hearing impaired. An example would be trying to hear a specific person in the presence of background noise or other people talking. There is no hearing device at any price that will fix that problem today as that is a skill you need to redevelop over time. In other words, you have to reprogram the brain to improve your hearing. The only way you can reprogram the brain would be to wear the hearing pieces all the time ......... NOT when sleeping.

The moment you wear a hearing piece for the first time you will notice a remarkable difference but for the brain to fully adjust and accept the hearing instrument as a part of you will take about 4 months. It gets better with time.

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